H13 Steel (DIN 2344) – the perfect tool steel for hot work and cold work applications

The demand for steel shows no downtrends because this alloy of iron has showcased attributes that are very demanded in the manufacturing industry. Steel has found acceptance and demand in whole range of enterprises and it is truly said that now ‘there is little bit of steel in the life of everyone’. This alloy has crept deep in the life of people and the economy. Such resonances have led to the increased brewing of steels and the objective is to develop the perfectly matching grades and types that are suitable for specific applications. This could be called as tier 3 differentiation in the segment of steels; the second tier was that of SS in the yester century. H13 (SKD61) is a specific grade of tool steel that is in high demand in various industries because of the hot and cold work capability of it. H13 Tool Steel is being actively used in drop type forgings and low pressure die casting apart from the extrusions and injection molds among others.

Very high toughness and wear resistance in H13 (SKD 61)

H13 derives its characteristics like extreme toughness and tensile strength through its alloying composition that essentially has molybdenum and chromium. Extreme hot working capacity is developed and makes H13 very versatile against the heat induced stresses that result in the metal fatigues. Cracking and denaturing of the surface is least in H13 Die Steel and this makes it a preferred choice for the hot work molding applications. On the other hand, the H13 tool steel is also used actively for the cold work tasks and its high level of hardness is the reason for its acceptance. The machinability of H13 steel is super & therefore it can be used in high impact industrial applications without the wear and tear at high frequencies.

AISI H13 available in desirable characteristics

The leading Supplier & Stockiest such as Virat Special Steels that specialize in highly refined steel grades like H13 ( DIN 1.2344 steel)  are offering the custom products to the secondary and ancillary units of the economy. The demand of it has increased because of such custom catering that makes possible economical making of components and castings in demanded dimensions. The desirable attributes of hardness could be also customized through regulated annealing and tempering of the base products!

Equivalent Steel Grade

H13 (Indian Standard)

Din 2344 (European / German Standard)

SKD 61 (Japanese Standard)

AISI H13 (American Standard)


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