DB6 steel – The Best Choice for Metal Forging Based Manufacturing

Steel has transformed the social economic landscape and our affinities with this alloy of iron have become more pronounced with the passage of time. These affinities could be attributed to the salient attributes that steel adores and which make it a preferred choice in multitudes of applications. We can’t even imagine some core activities without steel. No wonder, we have been passionate to gear metallurgical sciences to develop more resonant grades and standards in steel and SS. DB6 (SKT4) steel is a hot work steel that allows making best forging dies. Metals based manufacturing today forms the basis of many secondary and ancillary enterprises and they rely on steel dies. DB6 is the considered the best choice for making the toughened dies in different sizes and dimensions.

Why DB6 apt for making forging dies and molds?

DB6 steel as a choice for making forging molds and dies is due to various characteristics that it has relative to other metals. It is a hot work steel and therefore allows making the molds that are resilient enough against the hot metals that are put in them. The high level annealing and tempering of DB6 (L6) steel causes extreme toughening and hence generates desirable hot working capacity for the forging tasks. The presence of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and vanadium in DB6 alloy generate the extra toughness and very high wear resistance thus making it perfect contender for closed die forgings of entire diversity. The manufacturers of DB6 hardened steel dies ensure that the desirable hardness is delivered to the die. Generally, it is in the range of 370 to 410 HB for round type and 355 to 400 HB for flat/square type.

Custom making of DB6 dies necessary!

Customization in the manufacture of DB6 steel forging dies is equally important function that determines the efficiency and finesse. Unless the custom development of forging die is done, the attributes of DB6 could be of no use for the secondary manufacturer that seeks to achieve dimensional functionality and finesse also in its forged products. These forged products could be of diversity ranging from the machine components and tools to toys models and other products.  Virat Special Steels offers to make custom forging dies in high quality DB6 (DIN 2714) steel and has been serving the diverse sectors of metals based forging. VIRAT SPECIAL STEELS is committed to match the specification as following details: 

Chemical Composition –

CARBON 0. 50 0.60 SULPHUR 0.008
MANGANESE 0.60 0.90 PHOSPHORUS   0.025


1.20 SILICON 0.10 0. 40


0.55 BORON
VAN ADIUM  0.05 0.12 TIN



Gas Level: O2=20 ppm (max.), N2=60 ppm (max.), H2=2.0 ppm (max).

The real specific steel DB6 (2714) in complete size range with dimensional & specific cut to size available with VIRAT only!!!


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