Understanding The Advantages Of Using DIN 2738 Steel (P20 +Ni)

Virat Special Steels announced as the largest stockiest of DIN 2738 ( P20 + Ni) which is supposed to be an upgraded version of the plastic mold steel 2311. Just like plastic mold steel 2311, DIN 2738 is also supplied in a pre hardened condition. The most specific use of DIN 2738 is that for the purpose of making plastic injection die molds. Besides the fact that DIN 2738 is supplied in pre hardened condition, some of the other important characteristics of this steel are s follows:

  • In the state, when the same is supplied to the customers, the level of hardness of the steel is at 280-320 HB.
  • The nickel content in the steel increases by 0.8% – 1.5% on further hardening.
  • This steel is micro alloyed.
  • The best characteristic of this steel, which makes it perfect for the making of plastic injection die molds, is the fact that it is very good in machining. As a result of this, it becomes absolutely suitable for various purposes like Texturing, polishing of the outsides of various products, provides excellent corrosion resistance to the products, etc.

Other than the making of plastic injection die molds, there are many other applications of this steel. Some of those applications have been discussed below:

  • This steel can be used for making dies for many different industries like the automotive industry, domestic goods industry, etc.
  • Plastic molds of various sizes, big as well as small, can be easily made from the use of DIN 1.2738 (AISI P20).
  • It is useful in the manufacturing of numerous dies and products like high finishing plastic die, Boaster plates used in presses, shoe / Sow blocks and die hammers, which are used for the making of drop hammers, press cassetes, forging dies, Upsetter blockers, and various other dies and molds made for different plastic products.

This steel has a very high demand in the market for the simple reason that this modern and upgraded version of plastic mold steel 2311, offers increased alloy element, which not only increases its hardness, but it also provides extra life. Thus, the parts manufactured through the use of this steel last for a much longer duration. At the same time, the quality of polishing that is done on this steel is also very good. The hardness present in the steel is also uniform throughout the product. Almost all Leading steel company like Virat Special Steels is Stocking and supplying this product and the demand for the same is increasing on a constant basis.


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